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Children's camps for children 6 - 14 years old

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Found 142 children's camps

Euro club (Ruzsky district)

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Parus"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

49 reviews

Outdoor recreation: summer sessions in the linguistic camp "Euroclub". Outdoor sports, workshops, full-time during the day. The camp is located in the forest, on the picturesque shore of the Ozerna reservoir. Wonderful nature, safe rest, groups by age, theme of the day.

Orange Planet

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DOL "Fakel+"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

50 reviews

Our camp is chosen by parents who care about who their child communicates with and what he / she is learning, parents who respect the family values and who are ready to entrust the health and education of their child to professionals only. In our camp, the child will be able to improve health, de...

Maksatics Camp

Russia, Tver', "Maksatiha Kyemp"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

11 reviews

At "Maksatiha camp", children are not just taught how to make films, they are helped to Express their ideas on the screen, to be understood and heard. The main goal of the author's program is the development of personality, disclosure and development of talents and abilities of each child, skills...

United Kingdom

Russia, Yuzha, Dom otdyiha "Yuzhskiy"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

34 reviews

Creative and linguistic camp "United Kingdom" is a system of recreation, during which children from 6 to 17 years old are given the opportunity to learn English in a relaxed atmosphere, relax from school, get new impressions and gain strength. From the first minutes of stay in the children's camp...

Drugoe izmerenie. Tzar Gory

Russia, Sochi, Otel' "Priyut Pandyi"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

84 reviews

The program "King of the Mountain" is held at the hotel "Panda Shelter", located in the Mountain Olympic village of Sochi. Very diverse universal program for active children 10-15 years, prone to adventure, games, quizzes, hiking and quests. 10 trips and excursions are included in the price - the...

Incubator Izobritatelei

Russia, Zhukov, Baza otdyiha "Izumrud"

Excellent 4,5 / 5

14 reviews

The "Incubator Izobritatelei" is a place where every child will be able to realize all their engineering dreams! Robotics, 3D modeling and printing on a 3D printer, Drawing with a 3D pen, Programming - this is only a small part of the program. Only in our camp the child will be able to create a 3...

Adidas camp by Future FC

Russia, Moskva, ul. Druzhinnikovskaya, 18

Excellent 4,9 / 5

4 reviews

Football coaches from the leading academies of the Netherlands (AFC Ajax, Almere FC, Utrecht, etc.) have been flying to Moscow specifically for our session or 5 years already. They train our participants in accordance with the Holland football school and the adidas methodology developed for Russi...

VK camp

Russia, Lyubertsyi, Sanatoriy "Malahovka"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

73 reviews

If you want your child to have a good rest, improve his / her health, improve English, join the basics of the Orthodox faith and come back with bright impressions, then we are waiting for you in the Orthodox language camp. Every child is surrounded by love, attention and care.


Russia, Moskva, UOK "Ruza RGSU"

Excellent 4,6 / 5

10 reviews

Modern children's camp like in the Moscow region - the organization of leisure and recreation of children and adolescents of the new format. Laksmana for boys and girls from 6 to 16 years combine sport, creativity, activity. All you need is a like!

Young intellectual

Russia, Moskva, Zagorodnyiy klub "Lachi"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

5 reviews

Children's intellectual training camps are a unique form of children's development. Every month on the territory of one of the best hotels in the Moscow region for a few hours the guys learn the wisdom of the ancient game of chess. The classes are organized under the direction of the best coaches...

Ariadne's Thread

Russia, Priozersk, DOL "Schastlivyiy den'"

Excellent 4,6 / 5

33 reviews

All sessions in the camp "Ariadne's Thread" have game direction. Children are immersed in a fantastic reality, become characters of the fairy-tale world and follow certain rules. The guys transform into heroes of their favorite works and fulfill their mission. Each program is a new story, so the ...

Yellow Submarine

Russia, Moskva, Detskiy sanatoriy "Polyanyi"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

10 reviews

Linguistic camp Yellow Submarine is a camp located in the most eco-friendly area of Moscow region, which offers spa treatment, foreign languages and a rich entertainment program. Dive with us! The submarine travels in time and space! Let's start journey from the past! The age of the dinosaurs and...

E-Camp: English Village & Juniors

Russia, Moskva, Dom Otdyiha Pokrovskoe

Very good 4,2 / 5

3 reviews

Great holiday with learning English for children 6-16 years old with any level of English! The unique interactive space of the English Village from the first minute involves children in a bright and fun game! During the session, children will have competitions with each other.

School of wizards

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DSOL "Leningradets"

Very good 4,4 / 5

33 reviews

Children's camp "School of wizards" is an individual approach to each child, full-time, supervised by psychologists and, of course, a sea of unforgettable impressions!

Zazhgi Zvezdu

Russia, g. Novosibirsk, DSOLKD "Yubileynyiy"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

8 reviews

The children's country camp-club "Zazhgi Zvezdu!" is a vacation for children from 6 to 17 years. Created on the basis of the author's program of personal growth and creative development "Light the Star!" and is implemented since 1999. The format of children's recreation, combining free choice of ...

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