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Children's camps for children 7 - 17 years old

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Found 191 children's camps

Euro club (Ruzsky district)

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Parus"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

53 reviews

Outdoor recreation: summer sessions in the linguistic camp "Euroclub". Outdoor sports, workshops, full-time during the day. The camp is located in the forest, on the picturesque shore of the Ozerna reservoir. Wonderful nature, safe rest, groups by age, theme of the day.

Incubator Izobritatelei

Russia, Zhukov, Baza otdyiha "Izumrud"

Excellent 4,5 / 5

14 reviews

The "Incubator Izobritatelei" is a place where every child will be able to realize all their engineering dreams! Robotics, 3D modeling and printing on a 3D printer, Drawing with a 3D pen, Programming - this is only a small part of the program. Only in our camp the child will be able to create a 3...

DOC "Russia"

Russia, Samara, DOTs "Rossiya"

Very good 4,2 / 5

4 reviews

DOC "Russia" in one of the best, environmentally friendly places of the Samara region, in a pine forest, on the banks of the river Kondurcha in Krasnoyarsk district, 60 km from the city of Samara. 13 shifts during the year. Each one is unique. There are children's festivals of artistic and techn...

Your Camp

Russia, Sochi, Kompleks otdyiha "Belarus'" Upravleniya delami Prezidenta respubliki Belarus'

Very good 4,3 / 5

2 reviews

Multilingual camp "Your Camp" is open to all who are interested in learning foreign languages, traditions of different countries and who enjoys outdoor activities!

Horse riding camp Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

5 reviews

Horse program "Doroga dobra" for those who want to be closer to nature, learn to love beautiful animals-horses, trust them, take care of them.

Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

23 reviews

Multifaceted creative camp which has linguistic, theatrical, robotic and horse riding. The association of several organizations allows children to do what they love, and in their free time fun and active all together to spend leisure time. The programs are full of original ideas, which are const...

Doroga dobra. Robotics camp

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Reviews rating 3,0 / 5

1 review

Doroga dobra. Robotics camp

Does your child want to program or create robots? Open new opportunities and prospects with a new program in camp "Doroga dobra". The program is aimed at the study of programming and modern technologies; the development of logic; the possibility of applying in practice the knowledge gained, inclu...


Russia, Volzhskiy, Byikovo, DOL Lukomor'e

Very good 4,3 / 5

77 reviews

Children's camp "Lukomorye" is not only a special atmosphere and romance, but also new skills in the treasury of skills. Having a developing focus, all programs are unthinkable without intellectual and creative games and show events that expand horizons, contribute to the growth of self-esteem an...

Blue bird

Russia, Novosibirsk, SOLKD "Chkalovets"

Excellent 5,0 / 5

1 review

Children's camp Blue bird is: full rest of the child after a hard school year; obtaining new knowledge to expand the child's horizons; new interesting acquaintances; a wonderful summer vacation; the opportunity to learn new things in a relaxed atmosphere; talent development; adaptation in an unfa...

Children's health camp Brigantina

Russia, Bahchisaray, Brigantina

Very good 4,1 / 5

15 reviews

Children's recreation camp "Brigantina" is 10 hectares of pine park on the black sea coast. Here in the shade and coolness of the Crimean pine rest children from all over Russia. Comfortable accommodation, "Swedish board", sand and pebble beach - it's all you need for a good rest! We complete gr...

Zazhgi Zvezdu

Russia, g. Novosibirsk, DSOLKD "Yubileynyiy"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

10 reviews

The children's country camp-club "Zazhgi Zvezdu!" is a vacation for children from 6 to 17 years. Created on the basis of the author's program of personal growth and creative development "Light the Star!" and is implemented since 1999. The format of children's recreation, combining free choice of ...

Cool Kids

Russia, Tuapse, DOL "Pozitiv"

Very good 4,0 / 5

2 reviews

Смена 21 день! Бомбическая программа! Классные преподаватели и носители языка проведут увлекательные, по-летнему легкие и результативные занятия английского языка. А насыщенный веселый досуг - спорт, мастер классы, экскурсии, игры, квесты, дискотеки, концерты, интересное времяпровождение - придас...

Youth camp Komok

Russia, Moskva, Dom otdyiha "Podmoskov'e"

Excellent 5,0 / 5

1 review

Camp for bilingual children from English-speaking countries. Komok - is not only an opportunity to have fun and interesting holidays, but also being among peers to improve knowledge of the Russian language! Our classes only for bilinguals there will be no textbooks, presentations and even topics ...


Russia, Kostroma, ChU "Ozdorovitel'nyiy lager' "Yelektronik"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

5 reviews


Children's camp "Electronic" is located 30 km far from Kostroma, in a beautiful pine forest on the banks of the Volga river. StudyCamp

Komandor Camp. Tourist Camp

Russia, Tarusa, Art-otel' "Galereya"

Excellent 5,0 / 5

6 reviews

Komandor Camp. Tourist Camp

Tourist camp is not only unity with nature, it is an opportunity to test your strength in unusual conditions: learn to navigate the terrain, put up tents, build a shelter, properly build a fire, learn the basics of mountaineering and mountain tourism. What is more breathtaking than traveling? Als...

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