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Equestrian camps for children

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Found 11 children's camps

Very good 4,0 / 5

1 review

The most fabulous program of all. And it will take place in a beautiful and loved by many places-Mezmay and Lagonaki, Krasnodar region. Our route will begin in Mezmay, where the road is open to the most interesting and beautiful spots – Shelf, GUAM gorge, gorge, Sankt-Peterburg, mesma stone, nume...

Solnechny Ostrov

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, Ozdorovitel'nyiy konnyiy tsentr "Solnechnyiy Ostrov"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

15 reviews

Children's camp "Solnechny ostrov" has been working since 2002 for children who love horses, want to learn how to ride and to improve existing skills! The main idea of the camp is to introduce children to the horse world and to introduce them to sports tourism and active rest. Every session in ad...

Horse riding camp Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

4 reviews

Horse program "Doroga dobra" for those who want to be closer to nature, learn to love beautiful animals-horses, trust them, take care of them.

Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

23 reviews

Multifaceted creative camp which has linguistic, theatrical, robotic and horse riding. The association of several organizations allows children to do what they love, and in their free time fun and active all together to spend leisure time. The programs are full of original ideas, which are const...

Komandor Camp. Equestrian Camp

Russia, g. Tarusa, Art-otel' "Galereya"

Very good 4,3 / 5

4 reviews

Komandor Camp. Equestrian Camp

Equestrian camp is a journey to the horse farm and daily horse riding. The camp program is designed for children who do not know how to ride, as well as for those who are already engaged in horse riding for years. Our instructors will make you first-class riders and teach you how to properly care...

Equestrian club Super horse

Russia, Gorodets, ZDOL "Super"

Equestrian club Super horse

The equestrian club was created jointly with the partner Nizhny Novgorod Equestrian Center (NCSE) on the basis of KSK Passage. Vocational training in riding and communication with animals. Children take care of horses, carry out all the necessary procedures, brush, feed, clean, wash. The equestr...

Gorod Masterov

Russia, Tihvin, Baza otdyiha «Zamok»

Excellent 4,9 / 5

19 reviews

"City of Masters" is an international camp in the Leningrad region. Сamp helps children to take responsibility for themselves, to be a true friend, strengthens the strength of spirit and endurance. Summer life of the "City of Masters" near Tikhvin is aimed at creating a harmonious life in nature,...

27 october - 2 november

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27 october - 2 november

€ 341    € 282

3 january - 10 january

€ 387    € 327
Equestrian Camp Munsterland - Intensive

Enhanced sports program on the basis of the best equestrian club in Germany (5*, 4-time "best club of the country"): dressage, competition, triathlon, German equestrian classes. All training performed in small groups (no more than 2-3 people). There are also additional classes in English or Germa...

Munsterland. Equestrian Camp for girls

This camp is held on the basis of one of the best equestrian schools in Germany (5*) and is aimed primarily at those who want to pass at the end of the course on one of the German categories in equestrian sports. And yet, in addition to 2 hours of daily classes you will find a variety of camp pr...

Equestrian Camp for girls "Osnabruck" with possibility of studing English or German languages

Camp "Osnabruck" is focused primarily on horseback riding and communication with the horse, sports achievements are not important here. And yet you expect up to 5 hours of riding every day - primary training, training, field trips, dressage and concoure for trained riders – all this in a pictures...

Enforex Summer Camp Marbella Centro

Spain, Malaga, “Enforex” Colegio Albergue - Centro

Enforex Summer Camp Marbella Centro

Marbella Centro, is a great option for older teens. It was specifically designed to give students 14 to 18 years old more independence and easy access to explore the city. The camp is just a 15 -minute walk from the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and only a 5-minute walk from the city’s lovely hist...

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