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Robotic camps for children

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Found 30 children's camps

Incubator Izobritatelei

Russia, Zhukov, Baza otdyiha "Izumrud"

Excellent 4,5 / 5

14 reviews

The "Incubator Izobritatelei" is a place where every child will be able to realize all their engineering dreams! Robotics, 3D modeling and printing on a 3D printer, Drawing with a 3D pen, Programming - this is only a small part of the program. Only in our camp the child will be able to create a 3...

Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

23 reviews

Multifaceted creative camp which has linguistic, theatrical, robotic and horse riding. The association of several organizations allows children to do what they love, and in their free time fun and active all together to spend leisure time. The programs are full of original ideas, which are const...

Doroga dobra. Robotics camp

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Reviews rating 3,0 / 5

1 review

Doroga dobra. Robotics camp

Does your child want to program or create robots? Open new opportunities and prospects with a new program in camp "Doroga dobra". The program is aimed at the study of programming and modern technologies; the development of logic; the possibility of applying in practice the knowledge gained, inclu...

Adventure and educational project. League of superheroes 2.0

Russia, Kazan', Musina, 61v, Saliha Batyieva, 17 (ZhK Izumrudnyiy)

Excellent 5,0 / 5

1 review

2-13 July 2018, every day from 8-30 to 18-30. A portal to the marvel universe opens. In the" League of superheroes» live and there are legendary superheroes such as spider-Man, Iron man, Dr. strange, Daredevil, Thor, Hulk and other cool characters. Recently, the peace situation in the universe is...

Entertaining role-playing project Ninjago. City Of Heroes

Russia, Kazan', Musina, 61v, Saliha Batyieva, 17 (ZhK Izumrudnyiy)

Excellent 5,0 / 5

1 review

From 4-15 June 2018, every day from 8-30 to 18-30. The legendary Ninjago city again finds him in an incredible story! Brave and courageous LEGO heroes, the great mystery and story of the ninja could get you into an incredible adventure! Warriors of all four elements of the Earth, led by the Green...

Entertainment project Minecraft. Game in reality

Russia, Kazan', Musina 61v, Saliha Batyieva, 17 (ZhK Izumrudnyiy)

Very good 4,0 / 5

1 review

18-29 June 2018, every day from 8-30 to 18-30. Survival in a relatively dangerous world, creating mechanisms of any complexity, traps and conspiracy, cunning players and stupid monsters, exceptional creativity and logical thinking, creating your own history and obstacles – this is a game in reali...

Computer Academy STEP

Russia, g. Sankt-Peterburg, pl.Aleksandra Nevskogo, dom 2, lit.E, BTs «Moskva», of. 1002

Excellent 4,5 / 5

1 review

In the computer camp, your children try themselves in various computer specialties. Under the guidance of experienced trainers and teachers of the Computer Academy of STEP, they implement their most ambitious projects. Children are waited by comfortable, specially equipped auditoriums, conference...

Komandor Camp. Scientific Camp

Russia, Tarusa, Art-otel' "Galereya"

Good 3,8 / 5

5 reviews

Komandor Camp. Scientific Camp

Scientific camp is experiments, interesting classes under the guidance of the best graduates and students of MSU. Each session of the scientific camp is devoted to its narrow and interesting topics. You can get acquainted with the experiments on robotics, or to expand their knowledge in biology, ...

Young rescuer

Russia, Priozersk, DOL "Kosmonavt-2"

Very good 4,4 / 5

18 reviews

Young rescuer

“Young rescuers” is not just a camp and rest for children, but the process of becoming a person in the most important period of teenagers from 9 to 16 years and this process is continuous. All trainings, hiking and camps are year-round. Training process is constantly being improved taking into ac...


Russia, Zhukovskiy, Sanatoriy Otdyih

Vacation camp "TECHNOCAMPUS" - a unique combination of educational activities and exciting entertainment! Here, children rest with benefits. Sending a child to TECHNOCAMPUS, you can be calm: feed, teach, put to sleep, the child will not be sad. Counselors are around the clock with children, which...

Scientific and linguistic camp on the black sea for children 9-16 years old, Robots, experiments, quadrocopters, technical English and Chinese languages on the basis of the All-Russian Children's Center "Eaglet". Without exception, the guys will be able to try themselves as real astronomers, lear...

Entertainment project. Star wars. Great Jedi time

Russia, Kazan', Musina, 61v, Saliha Batyieva, 17 (ZhK Izumrudnyiy)

From 16-27 July 2018, every day from 8-30 to 18-30. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a team was born that could change the world! Jedi collect the best Padawans on the enemy spaceship, which is easy to pass the protective field. Young warriors will be able to penetrate into the heart o...

Detective project Agent. Mission possible

Russia, Kazan', Musina, 61v, Saliha Batyieva, 17 (ZhK Izumrudnyiy)

13-24 August 2018, every day from 8-30 to 18-30. Super agents John and Bernie are the strongest guys. Courage, bravery and honor – this is the main motto of their adventures. John and Bernie are ready to go to the most unknown places: a desert island, overgrown jungles or insurmountable deserts i...

Youth project Komok Engineering

Russia, Moskva, Dom otdyiha "Podmoskov'e"

Youth project "Komoc Engineering» Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman is a joint project of themed camps with a technical bias. Camp "Komok", with many years of experience in smart thematic shifts offers services for the organization of recreational activities, and leading course...

IT Basics

Russia, g. Ul'yanovsk, Sanatoriy "Belyiy yar"

IT  Basics

"IT Basics" is an educational program in the field of information technology and mathematics, which includes both the acquisition of knowledge in the field of exact Sciences, and the development of thinking, memory and logic of the child. "IT Basics" is smart and rewarding vacation for your kids!

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