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Thematic children's camps

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Found 252 children's camps

 Druzhite.ru. Stormwind “

Russia, Moskva, BO "Ozernyiy"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

100 reviews

Children's camp “Druzhite.ru. Stormwind “ works to ensure that children's rest was bright and memorable. Creativity is the most important component of our programs. Leisure should be not only pleasant, but also useful, just as education should bring joy from the process of mastering new knowledge.

Orange Planet

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DOL "Fakel+"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

50 reviews

Our camp is chosen by parents who care about who their child communicates with and what he / she is learning, parents who respect the family values and who are ready to entrust the health and education of their child to professionals only. In our camp, the child will be able to improve health, de...

Excellent 5,0 / 5

2 reviews

Adventure tours on boats and kayaks for teenagers.Open the wonderful world of joy and knowledge, challenges and victories, sports and health — the world of tourism! Give a unique opportunity to combine active rest with obtaining useful skills in a healthy environment and beautiful nature!


Russia, Pushkino, Sanatoriy "Zelyonyiy gorodok".

Excellent 4,9 / 5

28 reviews

Welcome to our small "children's army" - camp in Moscow suburbs "Forpost". This is a camp with adventure, sports, military-Patriotic program, comfortable living conditions and excellent food (buffet). The program of the summer camp "Forpost "is developed on the basis of military sciences and intr...


Russia, Pushkino, Sanatoriy "Zelyonyiy gorodok".

Excellent 4,8 / 5

7 reviews

"Turistenok" is children's summer camp in the suburbs with an adventure travel program for the little ones. Hiking, treasures, kayaking and boating, games and training. Very comfortable conditions of food and accommodation.

Kaleidoscope of Games

Russia, Pushkino, Sanatoriy "Zelyonyiy gorodok"

Excellent 4,6 / 5

7 reviews

"Kaleidoscope of games" is a series of big games, adventures and lightning, kind, interesting and informative program for children in stationary camp in the suburbs. As one picture of a kaleidoscope changes another, and here every day is not like the previous one. Arriving in our camp, the child ...

Around the World

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DOL "Svyazist"

Good 3,8 / 5

5 reviews

Around the World

Does your child love to travel and learn new things? We are waiting for your little adventurers in a unique camp "Around the World"! The author’s developmental recreation program will allow children to get acquainted with the extraordinary culture of different countries: their traditions and hist...

Neo Camp

Russia, Dmitrov, MBO "Chayka"

Excellent 4,6 / 5

84 reviews

Exciting games, colorful events, hot lasertag battles, paintball tournaments, enchanting show programs, Holi holidays," Panda Park", climbing wall, boats, catamarans, bicycles, scooters, trampoline, interesting master classes-all this and much more is waiting for you. Your kid will be able to spe...

Maksatics Camp

Russia, Tver', "Maksatiha Kyemp"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

11 reviews

At "Maksatiha camp", children are not just taught how to make films, they are helped to Express their ideas on the screen, to be understood and heard. The main goal of the author's program is the development of personality, disclosure and development of talents and abilities of each child, skills...

Children's gaming Camp Pikaby

Russia, Moskva, Detskiy lager' "Zvezdochka"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

6 reviews

"Pikaby" - game camp. For preschool children the game is a leading activity, Through the game they learn the world, grow up, learn new roles. For younger pupils, the game would seem to recede into the background, giving way to study. At the same time, a large load at school, a sedentary lifestyle...

Camp for high school students "Youth project" 911"

Russia, Moskva, Event-kompleks "Olimp"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

35 reviews

The program "Camp for high school students "Youth project "911" is created for children from 14 to 17 years, so in a group there wiil be peers with the same interests and hobbies. Project "911" is an active holiday, pre-planned and organized by counselors, so it is safe, but still gives an adren...

Business Camp START

Russia, Kolomna, Event-kompleks "Olimp"

Good 3,9 / 5

2 reviews

Business Camp START

Business is a way of life and a special kind of thinking. Entrepreneurs are not born, they become. In the Business camp "START" children will learn how to generate ideas, develop and create their own business projects, get the basics of financial literacy and self-organization, will be able to de...


Russia, Serpuhov, Provans-otel' "4 sezona"

Excellent 5,0 / 5

4 reviews

Youth session in VODOLEYCAMP is an exciting program designed specifically for today's teenagers. Time of day is not divided into training and rest time - they are interchangeable and interconnected things! The session plan has 4 course: Theatre, Journalism, Film Studio, and Fire Show. Children wi...

Mirgrad. Dikari

Russia, Kirzhach, Turbaza Mirgrad

Excellent 5,0 / 5

5 reviews

The program of the camp Hesm Savage island is dedicated to life in the wild, the development of independence and responsibility. First of all, it is an opportunity not only to relax, but also to test you. In Hesm Island camp, the child will be able to create a team, understand his role in it, and...

Very good 4,0 / 5

1 review

The most fabulous program of all. And it will take place in a beautiful and loved by many places-Mezmay and Lagonaki, Krasnodar region. Our route will begin in Mezmay, where the road is open to the most interesting and beautiful spots – Shelf, GUAM gorge, gorge, Sankt-Peterburg, mesma stone, nume...

Children's theme camp & ndash; this is guaranteed fun time for both non-sitting and quiet.   Children in game form receive new knowledge every day, learn teamwork, engage in creativity and participate in recreational activities. In themed camp , all events are in the same style & ndash; ghost hunters, pirates of the Caribbean Sea, treasure hunters, detectives, kinomaniya and much more.

Features of working with children

In most of these institutions, all programs are designed according to the interests of the children. Each child falls into the group on hobbies. For each of the groups carry out activities in certain areas. Thematic campus can combine the functions of health, sports and creativity.

In such a camp, topics usually change every shift, devoting all the main games and activities to it. Even regular training sessions will be conducted within the framework of a unique thematic program. Psychologists, teachers, animators, script writers and other specialists are working on creating children's themed camps programs because they are difficult to think and implement.

The main goal of the thematic camp is to form the child's personality and develop his spiritual world in an unobtrusive way.