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Children's camps

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Found 86 children's camps

Excellent 5,0 / 5

2 reviews

Adventure tours on boats and kayaks for teenagers.Open the wonderful world of joy and knowledge, challenges and victories, sports and health — the world of tourism! Give a unique opportunity to combine active rest with obtaining useful skills in a healthy environment and beautiful nature!


Russia, Pushkino, Sanatoriy "Zelyonyiy gorodok".

Excellent 4,8 / 5

8 reviews

"Turistenok" is children's summer camp in the suburbs with an adventure travel program for the little ones. Hiking, treasures, kayaking and boating, games and training. Very comfortable conditions of food and accommodation.

Children's camping "Saga"

Russia, Il'inskoe-Hovanskoe

Excellent 5,0 / 5

2 reviews

Summer camping with entertainment. Adventures of children in the fairy world. Exotic housing, the spirit of adventure, a fabulous way of life, bright heroes. Heroes, magic, craft and battles - everything as a child loves! Only not on the screen or in the book, but live! Hiking, fires, role-playin...

Drugoe izmerenie. Tzar Gory

Russia, Sochi, Otel' "Priyut Pandyi"

Excellent 4,9 / 5

98 reviews

The program "King of the Mountain" is held at the hotel "Panda Shelter", located in the Mountain Olympic village of Sochi. Very diverse universal program for active children 10-15 years, prone to adventure, games, quizzes, hiking and quests. 10 trips and excursions are included in the price - the...

Mirgrad. Dikari

Russia, Kirzhach, Turbaza Mirgrad

Excellent 5,0 / 5

8 reviews

The program of the camp Hesm Savage island is dedicated to life in the wild, the development of independence and responsibility. First of all, it is an opportunity not only to relax, but also to test you. In Hesm Island camp, the child will be able to create a team, understand his role in it, and...

Very good 4,0 / 5

1 review

The most fabulous program of all. And it will take place in a beautiful and loved by many places-Mezmay and Lagonaki, Krasnodar region. Our route will begin in Mezmay, where the road is open to the most interesting and beautiful spots – Shelf, GUAM gorge, gorge, Sankt-Peterburg, mesma stone, nume...


Russia, Poselok Pushkinskie goryi, Literaturnyiy lager' "Kot i dub"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

6 reviews

Our efforts are aimed at cultivating creative and talented person, who loves his relatives and friends, his nearest, and motherland of course. To achieve this goal, it is necessary both to provide knowledge and skills that will contribute to the formation of appropriate ideals, principles and ou...

Leader - Journey. Saint-Petersburg

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DOL "Parus"/ Hostel Kul'tura

Excellent 4,7 / 5

3 reviews

For the sixth year we have been traveling to the most beautiful and interesting places in Russia. It is a unique mix of camp and travel with a sightseeing program. Here the participant will get everything that is in a great camp, plus the experience of traveling. We will get familiar with our cou...

IDP "Vympel-Storm"

Russia, Tuapse, Detskiy sanatorno-ozdorovitel'nyiy lager' "Start"

Excellent 4,5 / 5

2 reviews

Camp program "Serving the Fatherland!" lined up in a single fascinating and informative storyline, consisting of theoretical and practical lessons on military and tourist training, history, geography, as well as psychological training, adventure games, hikes of varying degrees of complexity, them...

Solnechny Ostrov

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, Ozdorovitel'nyiy konnyiy tsentr "Solnechnyiy Ostrov"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

16 reviews

Children's camp "Solnechny ostrov" has been working since 2002 for children who love horses, want to learn how to ride and to improve existing skills! The main idea of the camp is to introduce children to the horse world and to introduce them to sports tourism and active rest. Every session in ad...

DOC "Russia"

Russia, Samara, DOTs "Rossiya"

Very good 4,2 / 5

4 reviews

DOC "Russia" in one of the best, environmentally friendly places of the Samara region, in a pine forest, on the banks of the river Kondurcha in Krasnoyarsk district, 60 km from the city of Samara. 13 shifts during the year. Each one is unique. There are children's festivals of artistic and techn...


Russia, g.Novosibirsk, TsDiSO im. O. Koshevogo

Excellent 4,8 / 5

12 reviews

"Robinsonada" is the author's camp center for children's and youth rest "Magistr". IIt has been working since 2007. The camp program is based on the ideas of active role-playing games on adventure topics. The program of the camp allows creating a powerful team-building and developing effect of al...

Children's camps CS:GO

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, vblizi d. Chernovo

Excellent 4,8 / 5

21 reviews

Children's camps CS:GO

Children's camp network CS: GO is a summer camp for children from 9 years old. The cam was created by the popular computer game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive". The virtual world to the last detail moved into real life. The child for 2 weeks becomes a special forces soldier! This is a unique p...

Children's camps of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo Big Adventure. Odiseya. The way across mountais to the see

Many local people have long sought to cross the main Caucasian ridge and find a way to the sea. Today, this opportunity is given to the participants of our program. The way to the sea will be interesting and very informative, because it will pass through the territory of the Caucasian natural bio...

Excellent 4,8 / 5

7 reviews

Children's camps of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo "Big Adventure" in Krasnodar region

The motto of the program in the Krasnodar region – everyone is a leader! Sometimes it seems that the young man "nothing in this life sees as necessary", "nothing he will do, and want to do." The organizers are sure that it is not true! Simply in the conditions of the city where everything is rigi...

Tourist camp & ndash; This is a completely new way of organizing children's leisure time. Unlike conventional camps, the main direction of his work & ndash; active tourism, where children learn to help each other in difficult situations, comprehend new types of outdoor activities, communicate with nature and be more independent.

Features of the camps

Children's tourist camp is conceived to achieve maximum harmony with the world by the child. Such institutions provide for children the most comfortable and comfortable accommodation in eco-tents or autocamping.

Camps in tourist camps are organized only in ecologically clean areas. Children are constantly in the open air, far from chips and crackers they quickly get used to absolutely healthy food. & Nbsp;

Leisure programs

In addition to walking, horse or water tourism, camp programs include all kinds of creative pursuits, handicrafts, and training in the basics of first aid.   In the process of such a holiday in children's tourist camps children develop a variety of practical skills, become more enduring and sociable.