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Как проехать: GPS coordinates of the camp: 57.7343, 33.0924 1 - Turn left from the Leningradskoye Shosse (389 km from Moscow). Valdai stays on the right. Before turning on the left - refueling. There is a pointer to Ivanteevo and B.O. " Great Lake " ;, drive to the village of Ivanteyevo 25 km. 2 - Drive IVANTEEVO along the main road. Further along the main road, 1 km from IVANTEEVO, the road starts from concrete slabs. Drive about 5-6 km on concrete slabs until the main road turns into a dirt road, the concrete will go to the left (there is a sign " Eurocaping Valdai Robinsonade ") 3 - Drive to the village BIG STEELY on a dirt road. In the middle of the village, behind a wooden stop (left), turn left sign " Simanich 5.7 " and " Eurocamp Valdai Robinsonade " along it about 2.5 km along the lake to the entrance to the forest. Then 200 m to the sign at the crossroads " Eurocamp Valdai Robinsonade ", there to the right. In the depths of the turn, the reference point is the barrier number 1 and the plate “quot; children's camp Valdai Robinsonade”. Entrance to the campsite is from 10:00 to 20:00.