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Как проехать: How to get there. Organized groups with accompanying are completed in the cities: Moscow, Volgograd. The camping is under Krynica. You can get: by train by airplane machine If you decide to get on your own on the train, then it's best to take tickets to Novorossiysk. From there you will be met by a paid transfer or by yourself to Gelendzhik, there are direct flights and transit, from Gelendzhik to Krinitsa Farm №109 "GELENDZHIK-BETTA" Gelendzhik - Betta 5-20; 6-50; 11-10; 15-00; 18-00; 20-10. Betta-Gelendzhik 6-05; 7-05; 8-40; 12-55; 16-35; 19-20. http://yug-gelendzhik.ru/raspisanie-prigorodnyx-marshrutov-avtobusov/#ixzz3zg1DRK8m The schedule of buses is better to specify before change. We meet you on the beach in Krynica on July 18, 2018 from 8.00-9.00 and at 12.00 Another option is railway to Krasnodar, then the bus to Gelendzhik, and there by shuttle bus to Krinitsa. AIRCRAFT The plane can land directly in Gelendzhik, then look above. A CAR If you are driving a car, you turn off the M4 on the sign to Betta, then, without reaching Krynica, there will be a sign to the right "GLORIA". Turn off, go down to the beach, to the boatman. The car can be left on the beach parking lot (150 rubles a day).