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Language camps for children

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Found 283 children's camps

Euro club (Ruzsky district)

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Parus"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

53 reviews

Outdoor recreation: summer sessions in the linguistic camp "Euroclub". Outdoor sports, workshops, full-time during the day. The camp is located in the forest, on the picturesque shore of the Ozerna reservoir. Wonderful nature, safe rest, groups by age, theme of the day.

Little People Camp

Russia, Moskva, Ozdorovitel'nyiy kompleks "Desna" Upravleniya delami Prezidenta

Excellent 4,7 / 5

7 reviews

International mini-camp for children from 6 to 13 years. Spiritual groups up to 12 people, comfortable cottages surrounded by pine trees, beautiful landscapes, large protected territory. We do everything to make children feel as comfortable as possible from the first day. Each session is an emoti...

Enjoy Camp

United Kingdom, Exeter, Yekseterskiy Universitet

Reviews rating 3,0 / 5

1 review

Enjoy Camp

Camp in England is a program developed in collaboration with the IP English accredited school of the English Council. During the day, the guys intensively learn English in mini-groups. All teachers are native speakers with a CELTA certificate. During the day, the guys attend creative workshops, ...

Adidas camp by Future FC

Russia, Moskva, ul. Druzhinnikovskaya, 18

Excellent 4,9 / 5

5 reviews

Football coaches from the leading academies of the Netherlands (AFC Ajax, Almere FC, Utrecht, etc.) have been flying to Moscow specifically for our session or 5 years already. They train our participants in accordance with the Holland football school and the adidas methodology developed for Russi...

Excellent 5,0 / 5

10 reviews

French holidays "Paris je t'aime"is -an unforgettable and bright holiday. The program includes classes with our teachers, classes with native French speakers, language games, dancing, a lot of time in the fresh air, exciting sports games and entertainment for children and teenagers who love Frenc...

Excellent 4,8 / 5

8 reviews

Montana goes Deutsch! The program with the study of German! In summer, children will have an exciting program with our teachers and native speakers! Active rest, exciting sports, dance and entertainment events, quests, swimming in the pool and of course our unique approach to learning languages! ...

Montana Camp. M&Dance

Russia, Kolomna, Olimp

Excellent 4,7 / 5

13 reviews

Sun, crazy dancing to the sounds of hip-hop and dancehall, shooting dance videos and the English course All this kids will have in the program "M & Dance", bright, positive, full of movement and music! On the session the guys will have dancing, swimming pool, sports games, as well as our stylish ...

Excellent 4,6 / 5

7 reviews

The program "OLIMP" has a special atmosphere! Main areas are English and team sports. In our program we rely on the basic Olympic principles: balance of mind and body, education and sport, fair play, non-discrimination in any of its manifestations, the value of good example, personal dignity and ...

Holidays in England. Benedict English in Norwich

United Kingdom, Norvich, English Experience School of English/ Prozhivanie v prinimayushchih sem'yah

Excellent 4,8 / 5

1 review

We invite you to the summer vacation in the famous language school English Experience School of English. The school is located in the capital of East England - Norwich, one of the best cities in terms of living standards and safety in the UK. The program is recommended for children 12-17 years ol...

Benedict English Camp

Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, DOL "Golubaya strela"

Excellent 4,8 / 5

21 reviews

Linguistic camp English Camp Benedict is exciting, informative and always "English". Benedict English Camp is held in a picturesque forest Park area of the Leningrad region near the flood of the river Roshchinka, in the children’s health camp "Blue arrow". English classes are held in the form of ...

Best Friends

Russia, Moskva, Sanatoriy "Volna" Myerii Moskvyi.

Excellent 4,8 / 5

33 reviews

The camp of active rest "Best Friends" is the place where child will be charged with a good mood for a long time. "Best Friends" camp is a holiday filled with positive and bright emotions, clean air and meet new friends. Modern, comfortable rooms, delicious 5 meals per a day, qualified teachers a...

Global Dialog - Hilton

Russia, Sochi, DOL "Ostrov Madagaskar" (na baze pansionata "Romashka")

Excellent 4,8 / 5

10 reviews

New summer – new "Global Dialogue-Hilton"! The organizers have come up with such a session, which has not happened – this time added a little magic to the Hilton fantasy project! This summer two brand new programs "Legends of the Magic country" and "Summer Time"are presented. Sessions will be exc...

Your Camp

Russia, Alushta, Sanatoriy “GOLDEN”

Excellent 4,5 / 5

10 reviews

"Your Camp" is the first multilingual camp in Crimea. We are waiting for all who are interested in learning foreign languages, traditions of different countries and who enjoys the outdoor activities! Classes are conducted by native speakers on a high emotional wave that allows you to achieve amaz...

Doroga dobra

Russia, Moskva, Pansionat "Druzhba"

Excellent 4,7 / 5

23 reviews

Multifaceted creative camp which has linguistic, theatrical, robotic and horse riding. The association of several organizations allows children to do what they love, and in their free time fun and active all together to spend leisure time. The programs are full of original ideas, which are const...


Russia, Anapa, Yenergetik

Excellent 5,0 / 5

1 review

Children's adventure camp LingvoCamp - is diving, climbing, Hiking, as well as a great language school with native speakers. The program is designed for children with different levels of training, and the process of learning languages will not turn into boring lessons. The program is based on the...

Linguistic camp & ndash; A great way to provide healthy leisure for the child. Programs language camps are designed for children aged 6 to 16 years. The main direction of their work & ndash; The teaching of a foreign language in an interesting and unobtrusive form. Here, children rest from school everyday life, gain strength for the new academic term or year, receive positive emotions.


In the children's language camp , the children study the language in depth, spending about 30 hours per week. The most common are English-speaking institutions. Camps   with the study of German, French and Spanish. Training takes place in an unobtrusive format with all kinds of show programs and role games.

The most effective is a children's camp with a native speaker .   In such a child it is much easier to consolidate new knowledge, to overcome the language barrier, to find a common language both with peers and with the teaching staff.

Sporting events in an unsportsmanlike camp

The children's linguistic camp pays attention to the physical condition of children. For them, a multidisciplinary sports program is provided that promotes the development of various skills and health. & Nbsp;

Thematic line

Often children's language camps work in specific thematic areas, for example, with the maintenance of a strict English style, the detective story of a true Englishman Sherlock Holmes, Spanish fiesta, etc.